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TGIF! This week just flew by (likely due to the fact I was in NY for two days). Time just seems to fly when you're in NY which is probably because everyone moves so damn fast there. True story: the first time I got off the bus in NY, I was shoved not once, not twice but three times in one block because I was standing in the way. If that doesn't get you moving a little faster, I don't know what will.

My plan for the weekend is to enjoy some pumpkin beer and watch my beloved Giants take on the Nationals because its time for playoff baseball baby! (Note: I never say baby IRL). I am quite literally boiling over with excitement!

We're trying to make our new apartment feel cozy but still stay on a budget. These ikea hacks are everything.

....As are these ice cream hacks.

The perfect booties for fall. I promise you will wear them all.the.time

You guys, this instagram feed is a thing. I die.

Aren't these earrings earrings gorgeous? Did I mention they're less than $10?

I'm kind of obsessed with this top. Probably not a necessity so I'll think about it for another week or two.

I have had serious trouble waking up after the first alarm the past few weeks. These are good habits to  remember form

I hate scary movies, but perhaps you don't. Tis the season.


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