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leather and fringe

I get a lot of questions about who takes my pictures for my blog. A lot of the time, Aaron takes the pictures and occasionally it’s a coworker but these pictures are taken by….drum roll please… MY MOM! She was visiting this past week and has been learning photography so I happily helped her practice although I was pretty bossy. Sorry Mom!

One of the hardest things about living in DC is being so far away from home. DC is just a temporary place for Aaron and me but it can be hard to remember that without reminders from home. I easily get caught up in DC life (and all the stresses that come along with it) and I’ve been losing sight of what is important vs. not important and what I enjoy vs. what I don’t enjoy.  Home and family always remind me of what is forever regardless of where I am temporarily both physically and literally. A visit from my mom was exactly what the doctor ordered. I feel refocused and relaxed! It’s a wonder what a little chocolate, an afternoon (or two) of shopping, a lot of wine and a lot of mom time does for the soul. 
Jacket- H&M
Hat- Urban Outfitters
Shirt- Nordstrom Rack
Jeans- J.Crew Factory
Booties- Target, old
Sunglasses- Rayban


  1. LOVE this look! That jacket is amazing an dthe tuquoise necklace is the perfect pop of color!

    Fair-well xx,
    -Lauren Vandiver