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hearts and grey

Just a follow up from Tuesday's post-- a few people have asked why on earth I'm taking an accounting class if I have no intention of sitting for the CPA exam. Great question and one I asked myself daily while studying. The truth is I love reading about boring ish. Kidding! I'm considering applying to an MBA program and wanted to see how challenging one of the most challenging classes was for this psych major. Turns out, it's pretty darn hard. But I'm really enjoying the challenge? A far cry from what 20 year old Nicole's enjoyed during undergrad. That Nicole enjoyed jello shots and theme parties. Present day Nicole, not so much. Unless that darn dancing skeleton comes on we're at Millie and Al's (my favorite dive bar in DC).

I would also like to take a minute to acknowledge how wrinkled my pants are. The love affair with these pants was real. I could dress them up, dress them down and wear them to work. They were the perfect trifecta until I realized how wrinkled they got after sitting at my desk for a few hours. What a let down! Any suggestion on how to combat wrinkles at work? Should I be stashing wrinkle releaser in my desk? Is that a thing?


Blazer- Loft (similar)
Shirt- J.Crew Factory
Pants- Gap
Flats- Calvin Klein (similar)

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