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Remember me? The worst blogger in the world. The one who didn’t mention anything about Labor Day Sales and is posting midday on a Tuesday?  Side note: I hope you found some great deals this past weekend.  I had every intention of skipping the Labor Day sales and then found myself driving past the outlets on the way home from West Virginia. Bless Aaron’s heart for putting up with my “I’m only going to check to see if they have one thing!” at 6 different stores. It’s not the first time he’s heard it and I wish I could say it was the last.

We spent two days in Shepherdstown, West Virginia this weekend and really soaked in the quiet. I had been in NYC for three days prior to that and to sound like a cliché, quiet was exactly what I needed. I’ve been feeling claustrophobic in DC lately like there is a pile of bricks on my chest or my shoulders are permanently hunched. I’ve always prided myself on being a city girl and while I really do love living in an urban environment, I’m not sure the heart of the city is for me. I’m torn because there is a part of me that loves being around so many different types of people, hearing different languages and seeing something new every day.   But the other part of me longs for quiet and simple. And you just don’t get that living half a block from the metro station like I do now. Being in San Francisco was incredibly grounding and reminded me of what home feels like and solidified my need for creating it in DC. So that’s what I’m doing. Aaron and I moving in together (squeal!) and we’re moving to a quieter part of town.  We’ll still be in the city but just not in the heart of the hustle and bustle and I am 100% okay with because it feels right. Man, that feels good to say out loud.

We move in a few weeks so until then, I’ll be procrastinating packing by pinning up a home inspiration storm. 

Sweater- Madewell, old (similar)
Jacket- H&M, last season (similar)
Hat- Urban Outfitters
DIY distressed Jeans- Old Navy


  1. Loving this look! The black+white stripe with tan combo is great :)


  2. Loooving this outfit, Nicole! And yay for you two moving in together! So exciting :)