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game changer: sinful colors nail polish

I recently made a fantastic and affordable discovery at Target and I am so thrilled to share it with you. My little Target and nail polish loving heart could explode right now. Let me walk you though my internal through processes during this last trip to the homeland. Maybe you can relate. If not, more power to ya girl. Teach me your ways.

"Alright, Nicole. You've got this. You're here for toothpaste and sandwich baggies and there is no one in line. You can be in and out in 15 minutes."

"Do I need a cart? No no, grab a basket."

*Grabs cart* 

"Hmm, toothpaste and sandwich baggies are straight ahead."

*Turns left to pass the clothes*

15 minutes later....

"I really do need this leopard print cardigan. I'm going to wear the shit out of this. Maybe I'll do a for work/for play post on my blog. Okay okay, I'm here for deodorant. Head straight to the beauty section. No more detours."

"Oh I wonder if they have Chinchilly from Essie. I've been dying for that."

"Of course they're sold out. This Target sucks."

"Sinful Colors? What's that? Only $1.99? That's definitely not going to last. Hard pass."

"Oh shoot, I'm here for toothpaste!"

*Finds toothpaste and gets in line*

"Wow this line was not this long when I came in. I've only been here for like 5 minutes."

"That Sinful Colors red was a pretty perfect red. Maybe I should try it. It's only $1.99."

"No, it will be a waste of time having to repaint your nails every two days because of chipping."

"Is Beyonce REALLY pregnant again? US Weekly is so untrustworthy."

"I should get a US Weekly subscription again"

"Is that a Sinful Colors polish display? Maybe its a sign from the universe?"

"It's definitely a sign."

*Adds polish to cart. Cashier rings up cart*

"Was that polish seriously only 50 freaking cents?!"

*Adds second bottle of polish to the conveyor belt. Cashier rings up total*

"How did I spend that much? Well I do really need that candle. And I heard that book was great. And I'll definitely work out if I have new clothes."

*Back at home...*

"Wait, did I forget sandwich baggies?"

Fast forward to a week later and my fresh red nails have not chipped. AT ALL. I can credit some of that to the best top coat ever but this polish is the real deal folks. And it is less than $2.00 What do you have to lose? I would recommend however picking it up at a CVS, or online, or even a black hole. Almost anywhere is safer for your wallet than Target.


  1. This post made my day!! Yes, too often this happens to me too! A couple errands turns into an hour at target :)