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friday link love

TGIMFF. It has just been one of those weeks, no? I worked all of last weekend for a major work event so this week has been dragging. I'm very ready for the weekend. This weekend, we're celebrating a good friends last weekend in DC with waffles, mimosas and probably my tears. Like all good Californians in DC, he's headed back to the homeland (INSERT SAD FACE HERE). It is also supposed to be beautiful here this weekend so Aaron suggested going hiking on Sunday. Unfortunately (fortunately?) I have to bunker down on Sunday to study for my upcoming accounting midterm. Who would have ever thought accounting would be the lesser of two evils?

This video of Emma Watson speaking about feminism is worth the 13 minutes. Take a seat. Seriously, sit down and watch this. We're all in this.

I've been doing some online window shopping at Piperlime lately. I signed up for their emails to save 30% and the discount only makes my wish list longer. How gorgeous is this shift dress for less than $40? And this tweed motojacket would make a great fall work wardrobe addition. I've been getting more and more into snakeskin lately as an easy way to add some texture play to a monochromatic look which tends to be my go to in cooler temps. These pumps are chic and affordable which at the end of the day is all you really want from a pair of pumps right? And I love this pleated midi which is not 100% perfect for fall but would look great with booties and a belted oversized sweater. 

Ask yourself these seven questions to determine your life purpose...or to at least get the wheels turning. 

They're Real has been my go-to mascara for awhile but I feel like it dries up quickly. Anyone else have that problem? I decided to revisit Eyko after receiving a sample in a Birchbox a while back. Its fantastic. It's similar to They're Real in that it gives great volume and length but is a bit more fluid than They're Real. Think Diorshow without the messiness. 

I'm guilty of far too many of these. I'm a sensitive sally. #getoverit

Lastly, for any San Francisco readers: this how San Francisco neighborhoods got their names article is pretty interesting. Sorry to those not from or in SF.

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