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friday link love

I used to call this post weekly round up but since I've been so lax about posting on Fridays I thought I should shy away from calling it that anymore.  Friday link love will have to do :)

This pin inspired me and made me think I need to add some sequins to my wardrobe. Considering I'm in the middle of a closet purge since I'm moving next week, need could be a stretch. I'll tread lightly but I'm really loving the idea of a champagne sequin blazer for fall. This cropped jacket or this kimono (both under $100!) have caught  my eye.

This video made me lolz. The wife trying to tell the joke is certainly funny but the joke in and of itself is funny too, ammiright?

Ashley posted about this mug this morning. I die.

I was really upset to learn of Joan Rivers passing yesterday and truthfully more sad than I anticipated I would be. Take a minute today to enjoy 20 of her most memorable quotes.

An affordable and simple statement ring.


A few weeks old but this is an interesting map of Americas favorite musical artists. A lot of Jay, a lot of Drake and a splash of Daft Punk. Sounds like the soundtrack to a great road trip.

I really love reading about the changing beauty ideals in the fashion and beauty industries.

And to continue to feel good about evolving ideals around body and beauty... I loved reading about the new generation of dance teachers encouraging body love.

Enjoy your weekend, amigas!