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currently coveting: kristin cavallari 'copertina' pump

When I moved, I did a closet assessment (and consequential purge) and made a list of closet voids I’d like to fill in the next few months. Number one on that list is a great pair of black pumps.  I just ddidn'tlove the pair I had so they sat in the back of my closet collecting dust which meant they went straight to the re-sell pile when I was packing. And while I ddidn'tthink of them often when I had them, I now find myself thinking “well if only I had that pair of black heels…” Isn't that always how it works when you closet purge? I should keep everything from now on. Or is that the budding hoarder in my talking? Either way, I need new black shoes which led me into a blackhole of shoe shopping.

I've come out alive with this pair of Kristin Cavallari pumps headed my way in 4-7 business days. Check out some of the other options I considered below.

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