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baseball tee for the weekend

A Monday post?! Your eyes do not deceive you. 

I spent some time chatting with a friend this weekend about how to balance a love for your day job with a creative outlet. Do you even need a creative outlet when you love your day to day work? I would say that you do. Well, I do at least. But how do you find time to direct energy into the outlet when most of it is spent on what pays the bills? While the simple answer would be to make the creative outlet pay the bills, alas that is just not my reality right now. So for now, my answer is simply make the time for my outlet (that being this space right hurr).  

And while this may fall into a bigger discussion of being intentional and present, right now I’m re-energized in making this blog what I set out to make it: an outlet for my interests, thoughts, and passions not fulfilled by my professional career. This new energy excites me (and recommits me) to post more often. I think I lost touch with how I wanted to use this space to share little anecdotes, my pursuits of a great deal and how I’m working to create a personal style that is practical, relatable and versatile. .

Which is how we landed here with today’s post. There are two things I have a hard time passing on a road trip: an outlet mall and Taco Bell. I’m not necessarily proud of the latter but I just can’t help it. Throw that shade elsewhere because you know you love it too. I stopped by the outlets on my last road trip (and TB, who am I kidding) because I had a Gilt City deal for 30% off at J.Crew Factory and left a very happy camper. I mentally debated if I could make this shirt both weekend and work appropriate which is a prerequisite of mine before any impulse purchases. Clearly, I decided I could. So be sure to check back later this week to see how I styled it for work. :)

Baseball Tee- J.Crew Factory
Jeans- Gap
Flats- Banana Republic (similar)
Earrings- J.Crew

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