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red white and blue

I've completely given up on posting on Monday's. Please forgive me.

You may have seen on instagram but I was in Burlington, Vermont last week for a work conference at the University of Vermont! The conference itself was meh, the takeaways were meh and we slept in the dorms which was --not surprisingly-- meh too. But boy, was Burlington spectacular. 

It is remarkable what a breath of fresh air (literally and figuratively) will do for the soul. I got on that plane to Vermont tired, worn out and truthfully a bit dejected from work and  DC. The thought of hitting the road again to spend five days living out of my suitcase in a dorm was less than appealing. Until I stepped out of the airport and took a deep breath. The air in Burlington is crisp, it's fresh, it's cool and it doesn't smack you in the chest like the humid air of city life does. It's not an exaggeration when I say I instantly felt refreshed after breathing in some good ol' fashioned fresh air. It's hard to not feel relaxed when you're surrounded by mountainous air and stunning views. Burlington is b-e-a-u-tiful.

Burlington also reminded me a lot of the smaller towns in Northern California. The people were laid back, friendly and seem to know how to live well. The food was delicious, the shopping was great and we definitely took advantage of the fun nightlife. It was low key, unpretentious and made me really look forward to my trip home in a few weeks.

Oh and then there's Ben and Jerry's. What's not to love about Ben and Jerry's?

And you know what, the dorms weren't so bad. Somehow a twin bed and shitty cafeteria food can make you both miss college and appreciate your life at 28 at the exact same time.

Jeans- J.Crew Factory
Chambray- Target
Blazer- Loft (extra 60% off with no code needed!)
Scarf- Target (sold out online)
Bag- Madewell (similar, reversible and half the price)
Flats- c/o Aeropostale (not sold at Aero online anymore but can be found here)

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