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the nordstrom anniversary sale-- under $150!

Ah, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale-- where savings accounts go to die. I've been under a rock for a week or so thanks to work and have been seriously lagging on checking out the sale. I did a bit of perusing the preview but other than that, I didn't bite. Until now.

My tips for shopping the sale? Shop online. By now, the store has been combed through and is likely pretty disorganized. Take your time and shop online. With free shipping, free returns and free in-store pick up, you can't go wrong. Don't be shortsighted. It's hard to think about wearing anything over the knee or oversized during the middle of summer but the real deals during the sale are for fall. Grab that leather jacket or cashmere sweater now because I promise you when you really want it in October, it's not going to be priced anywhere near what it is now. Buy investment pieces. If you've been lusting over that designer bag or can't bring yourself to pay $200+ for jeans, now is the time to do it. Pricey staples are steeply discounted during the sale so take advantage. Don't forget about makeup. Most make up brands have palettes, sets or brushes exclusive to the sale. It's a great time to test out a new-to-you line.

The sale ends August 4th! Check out some more of my suggestions by clicking the shop tab above!

What advice do you have for shopping the sale??