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the day after

Thank you for all the birthday wishes, it really means a lot to me! I had a really fantastic birthday and celebrated after work with sangria and amigos—two of my favorite things :)

After five days of celebrations starting with America's birthday on Friday and ending with mine yesterday, a low key normal day is calling my name. In my old age (ha) I’m becoming more of a homebody so curling up on the couch with a glass of wine and reruns of Boston Legal (Real Housewives if I had the remote) with my man is my idea of the perfect evening. Is that what growing up means?  Maybe. Either way, I kind of love it.

I wish I could share more details about this dress with you all because I’m obsessed. But I got it at a clothing swap so I have no story to tell aside that it's WHIT and probably from a sample sale in NY. Sorry,  not super helpful story there... But I do have a  piece of advice for you: always do clothing swaps with friends better dressed than you. It will work out well. Exhibit A being the dress above.

Vest- Gap, old (similar, similar)
Dress- WHIT by Whitney Pozgay (look #22 here!)
Bag- Banana Republic Outlet (similar)
Sunglasses- Anthropologie
Shoes- c/o Aeropostale


  1. Love this outfit, I have been living in simple dresses and my denim vest the past few weeks! So perfect for this warmer summer weather!
    I hope that you had a wonderful birthday! I am right there with you about enjoying those simple nights at home after a busy few days. Real Housewives = one of my favorite guilty pleasures (well actually dont feel that guilty about it!) I am also loving Ladies of London!
    xo Nan

  2. Love this outfit, Nicole! You look so fresh & chic :)

    So glad you had a wonderful birthday! And you're so right - while it's nice to go out sometimes, evenings just cuddling with your guy and watching your favorite shows are pretty perfect :)