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stars and stripes

One of my biggest challenges blogging is actually doing the blogging. Taking a quick 10 minutes to take outfit pictures or perusing the interwebz in search of the best deal on a faux leather jacket is fun and easy. Sitting down in front of my computer to write? Now that’s the hard part.

It’s hard for a few reasons. One of which is that I have a hard time balancing all the things I want to do with my limited free time. As my mother would say, I have a lot of strengths but time management is not one of them.  Work keeps me busy and ironically one of my biggest strengths professionally is time management and managing conflicting priorities. But apparently, I leave that strength at the office. When I get home, I would love to sit down to blog but I also want to spend time with Aaron, work out, have a glass of wine (or 3) with my roommates, binge watch Homeland, FaceTime with my family, etc. You get the picture.  

More challenging though is finding relevant and personal anecdotes to share without violating the privacy of those around me who didn't sign up to be written about. Perhaps this will start to come more easily the more I blog but for now I'm feeling a bit of writers block.  My professional career is a huge part of who I am and what my life is about right now. I work in volunteer and event management and I love it. I love my coworkers, I love the volunteers I meet and I’m proud of the events I work on. But does my employer want me to write about them on the internet? Probably not.  The same can be said for my family and personal relationships. Those are a huge part of my life but does my boyfriend want me to write about the tiff we got in over overpriced coffee last weekend? Probably Definitely not. What I’m saying is there are parts of my life that aren't only mine to share. So where is the middle ground? I’m not sure; I’m still working on it. Bear with me here J

& while I think about it, you should hurry your cute little booty over to Target before the 4th and get this scarf since it is sold out online.  Full disclosure: it is entirely too hot in DC to be wearing a scarf but I couldn't help it. It was the perfect way to show a bit of patriotism in the office during yesterday’s World Cup match. #Howardforpresident

Shirt- J.Crew (similar and 30% off with the code JULY)
Skirt- Banana Republic (sold online in black and 40% off with the code BRJULY)
Clutch-Kate Spade "Horseshoe Cove"
Shoes- J.Crew Factory
Sunglasses- Anthropologie

Pictures by Danielle of The Ephemeral Market