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bold prints

This past weekend Aaron and I went to the farmers market where I picked out some fresh flowers for my room this week. Weekly arrangements have become a recent indulgence but that thanks to inexpensive flowers at the farmers market and Trader Joes, I don’t feel like I’m breaking the bank. I told Aaron I wanted to one day open up an affordable flower shop so I could wear Birkenstocks and arrange flowers all day—which, in my idealistic day dreaming mind, is exactly what a flower shop is like.  He laughed, told me I should do it, and also suggested I pursue my MBA. Day dream OVER.

When I recounted the story (while wearing these pants) to a friend a few days later, she told me the most implausible part of the dream was not that I wanted to own my own business but that I wanted to let myself go and wear birks and an apron all day. She said “look at you, look at those pants. No chance you’re going to let yourself go.” So apparently, the ONLY thing standing in the way of me and my flower shop dreams are these pants.  Oh and getting my MBA. 
Shirt- Target, old
Pants- J.Crew Factory
Sunglasses- Anthropologie
Bag- Madewell (similar, reversible and half the price!)
Shoes- Target, old (similar)


  1. Love those pants! In fact, I love that patten so much that I bought a bathing suit top in in last night! :)

  2. Those pants are so cute! I think I saw a skirt awhile back with a similar print.

    All That Glitters