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right now...

I've spent the last 36 hours in Philadelphia which is my last trip of a very travel heavy month at work. I don't hit the road again until the end of July so I'm really happy to have a few weeks of some relative peace and quiet. I love what I do and work with some great volunteers which makes things a lot easier but I'm ready for a normal schedule for at least the next three weeks.

Some other things I'm loving right now....

Mally's eye shadow base //
I never believed in eye shadow bases until this one. It actually works. I've been using an eye shadow pallet my mama sent me that includes this base and it's a game changer.

Sam Smith //
I've been listening to him at work pretty much all day every day. And then there's this Whitney Houston cover? I can't even. Check out this interview with him in The Fader. He seems like a pretty awesome guy, right?

Watermelon //
I've been eating watermelon non stop lately and its getting kind of ridiculous. So much so that I've been eating a spear every morning on my walk to the bus stop. Watermelon is not a good to-go food. 

Twist bands //
I got a bad hair cut last week so I've been trying to pull my hair back as much as I can. Thank goodness for twistbands which are heaven sent to give lifeless ponytails a little bounce.

Rosé wine //
My local Trader Joes has a rosé display in their wine and beer section which is conveniently (or dangerously) located next to the checkout line so I've been trying a new bottle each time I go. It really is the perfect summer wine. Read more about rosé here.

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