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i get it from my mama

Literally, I get it from my mama. This skirt is from my mom's closet and I've loved it forever. Last time I was home, she told me just to quit threatening to steal it and just take it. And now here we are. I'd also like to think I get my smile, my sense of humor and love of shoes from her. Thanks, mom :) I've tried to write a few times how much my mom means to me and I've decided, I'm not sure I'll ever really have the words. She's my best friend. She is strong, independent, selfless, and would give her family the clothes off her back. Or in my case, her favorite skirt in her closet.

Posts about moms flooded my social media feeds yesterday and I kinda loved it. I loved reading all the sweet messages to peoples mamas and sharing what mother figures meant to them. What a beautiful day to be a woman and to see how much love we harness! I know it can be a challenging day for those close to me who have lost their moms or perhaps know they will never be a mom. I hope those special friends were able to surround themselves with uplifting women that remind them they too are an inspiration to others.

What a mushy Monday post. Sorry, I'm not sorry. I can't help it :)

White shirt- J. Crew Factory
Skirt- Old Navy (old)
Shoes- Gap outlet
Sunnies- Anthropologie
Bag- Madewell
Necklace- Ralph Lauren


  1. What a cute skirt, amazing that it was your mom's, I love to borrow stuff from mine too.


  2. This is so cute! I adore that this skirt was your Mom's.