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weekly round up 4.11

Happy Friday! Hope you've had a nice week!

I'm planning on doing some spring cleaning this weekend and hopefully consigning a bunch of clothes. I say hopefully as what usually happens when I consign clothes is that I pull together a bag of clothes, leave it in my closet telling myself I'll get to it eventually and finally 2 months later open it up and convince myself I shouldn't get rid of any of it and hang it all back up. Clearly, I could use some tips on how to efficiently consign. Any words of advice?

The Coachella jealousy struggle is REAL. So I'm seriously considering buying a ticket to Outside Lands to make myself feel better.

People really go ham over the cherry blossoms in DC which I never fully understood because I had never been to the basin to see them in full bloom. Until last night. Oh my goodness they are beautiful. Color me obsessed. Naturally,  I've been reading up on the history and found this article interesting. 

It's outdoor dining and drinking season! Don't mind me, just doing a little happy dance over here!

My favorite panama hat (seen here) was all bent out of shape when I tried it on this week so I'm on a hunt for a new one. This Target option is a nice price but I really like the brown band on this one. I saw this one in real life and was really disappointed by the quality. Any suggestions on where to find a good hat without breaking the bank?

I ordered from District Doughnut this week to surprise Aaron and they were so fantastic and easy to work with! Order doughnuts for all your friends! Let me know if you need my address ;)

I had no idea National Sibling Day was a real thing (I think it was just a hashtag that exploded) but I loved seeing pictures of everyone's siblings. It really made my day! And made me miss these two.

I got these pants on a whim this week and I am ob-sessed. 

A Trader Joes recently opened a few blocks for my house and my heart is so happy. How true is this list of the stages of shopping there?

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  1. I have yet to see the Cherry Blossoms in DC, but I would love to! By the time I make it there this year, I think they'll be gone. And you're not the only one doing a happy dance about al fresco dining! It's one of my favorite things about spring/summer time :)