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Happy Thursday! Hope you're having a good week!

I could have a lot to say about transitions right now. I could write about the fact that I'm transitioning off my current team onto a new team in my office next week. I could write about how overwhelmed I am by the work that I need to get done before then. I could write about how sad I am to leave a team I learned so much on for over a year or I could write about how completely ecstatic I am for my new role and new challenges.  I could write about how this new job means I'm committing to staying in DC for at least a few more years and how I ought to transition from calling DC my "home away from home" to calling it my "home". I could write about how scary it is to fully own that DC is my home not just a transition place for me. I could write about how hard it is for me to say out loud that I don't know when I'll be moving back to California because Aaron and I are building a really special life together here.

But no, that is way too heavy for a blog post and I just want to write about how challenged I am by dressing for transition weather! The sun is finally consistently shining around these parts but the temperatures haven't quite reached spring temps. It is supposed to finally warm up this weekend but for the past few days it has been too warm for black tights but too cold for bare legs. It's not quite warm enough for a spring trench but too warm for a coat. I'm also not quite ready to send my favorite boots to the back of the closet! So what is a girl to do? I suppose wear all of her favorite fall layering pieces one.last.time. And with that, I bid you adieu riding boots, boot socks and academy blazers. Thank you for helping me with this weather transition. I will see you in a few months.

But is that you, my dear friend Versa Spa spray tan machine, right over there? Yes? Great, I'll see you this weekend.

Blazer- Gap
Skirt- Banana Republic
Blouse- Phillip Lim x Target
Boots- Frye
Bag- Kate Spade "Little Minka"

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