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polka dots and lace

Happy Monday Tuesday!

I tried to be a responsible blogger and have a post ready to go yesterday but clearly, I failed. At one time, I was so on top of it and scheduled posts in advance but I have fallen off the wagon recently. Whoops!

As mentioned on Friday, I went wine tasting this weekend for a friend's birthday celebration. We bought tickets for a bus which we anticipated being a charter-type bus with 12-15 people or so. Well you can imagine our surprise when a zebra print school bus was parked around the corner waiting for the 9 of us... and 25 other people. Once inside, it wasn't even a school bus with rows of seats; benches lined the perimeter and speakers were blasting a combo of top 40 and 90's boy bands. Oh and on-board mimosas were encouraged. What I really truly thought was going to be a laid back day of wine tasting was a day of winery hopping on a party bus. It was quite the unexpected (but still super fun) little Saturday! 

Naturally, I was a lump on a log on Sunday.

So I had to do everything I planned for Sunday after work on Monday. Including writing this post. 

&& here we are friends. Happy Tuesday.

Top- J.Crew Factory
Skirt- Target, last season (similarsimilar)
Trench- Target
Heels- Target
Bag- Madewell
Glasses- Warby Parker "Baxter"


  1. What a cute outfit! I love polka dots and I love lace. Together they just make sense!


  2. Love your lace top! So pretty :)

  3. Subtle pattern mixing is an art you have mastered, my dear!