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life lately....according to my iphone

The past few weeks have been pretty jam packed but in the very best way. Aaron's dad was in town for a visit,  my mama came for a week and  there has been lots of celebrating of my promotion at work. I obviously snap picture of everything because I'm iPhone obsessed but I try not to flood my friends instagram feeds by posting dozens of pictures every day. So instead, I thought I'd share some of my favorite pictures living in my phone camera roll with you here!

from the top left:
{ Reading magazines while Aaron and I get our hair cut // Wine and fresh flowers from TJs // isnt he such a babe? }
{ My new favorite gym song // a favorite from a recent blog post // sparkles and stripes before throwing on my John Cena shirt at WWE }
{ Dressed for a casual dinner with Aaron and his dad // my mama and I are such twinsies }
{ Mother- daughter selfies while everyone else watches basketball // it drives him nuts but I love taking pictures of him while we're out to dinner // dressed for a day of hanging in Baltimore }
{Losing my mind a bit in the backseat of a cramped car // Mike and Ikes are my guilty pleasure! // SUNSHINE in DC! FINALLY! }

Tonight is the first of my two big events this week so it'll be a long day but hopefully not too crazy! If I've done my job well it should all go smoothly.... That being said, I CANNOT wait for this weekend!


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