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its the most wonderful time of the year

It's not secret that I am a baseball girl.  I grew up watching and playing baseball and of course going to Giants games with my family. While I enjoy other sports, I really wait all year for April-October (and really June-August for Aaron's undivided attention on baseball between basketball and football seasons). One of the hardest things for me after I moved to DC was watching Giant's games on TV. AT&T Park is absolutely stunning and the views of the game would always make my heart ache for home. Nationals Park is a pretty cool stadium (I'm obviously a stadium snob) and navy is a lot easier to match than orange so being a Nat's fan holds me over until I can watch the Giants play. 

Since this weekend was opening weekend,we went down to the stadium to grab some last minute tickets for Saturday night's game despite it being pretty darn cold out. The only tickets left were $40 and since we're not die hard fans, I felt like it was paying a $40 cover to drink $8 beers all night. Hard pass. Lucky for us, the  DC Navy Yard is expanding and we could watch the game on TV over margaritas and guacamole all night at Aqua 301. :)

Happy Monday! Hope you had a nice weekend!

Shirt- H&M
Jacket- Old Navy
Jeans- Target
Booties- Target
Bag- Madewell
Hat- Stadium store (exact)
Belt- Gap (similar)

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