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weekly round up 3.7

Happy Friday, Friends!

I have found myself in a bit of a rut lately and questioning how hard work pays off. I felt like I hadn't seen any "rewards" for my hard work and hustle at work/the gym/home and consequently felt less and less motivated to keep working at it. Until I started thinking about how I measured success and what "rewards" really meant to me. Perhaps I was setting myself up to fail in the first place by measuring success in unattainable ways or worse-- ways that actually weren't so important to me. I've always been pretty intrinsically motivated so working hard should be the reward in and of itself. And just like that, with a new perspective, I've seen doors open this week, opportunities present themselves and hustling really pay off. It's been a good week. I hope yours was too!

Some life rules about GSD from the ever-chic Jenna Lyons. 

Isn't this bag a beat? Surprising it is from Target, huh? Very Kate Spade-esque.

An interesting idea around why Leonardo has yet to win an Oscar

I love a hot pink clutch for spring!

I started using this Pond's BB+ Cream and I am obsessed. It is silky smooth, goes on evenly, gives great coverage and lasts! It's definitely worth trying if you're not in love with your current BB cream.

I've been looking for copper mugs so that I can work on perfecting a Dark and Stormy recipe.

Thanks for featuring one of my outfits, Amber! Very flattered!

This is what American- themed parties look like around the world. Should we be embarrassed?

Have a great weekend!

XO Nicole


  1. Such a great post. It's true that hard work pays off. I'm learning even now that if you really put time/effort into what you want, you will see results - it just may not be immediate or exactly when you want. Glad some doors have opened for you :)