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weekly round up 3.28

Happy Friday, friends! 

It has been a very full week around here. My mom left on Tuesday so I have naturally been eating my feelings in peeps and other Easter candy. I've been struggling for the past few months feeling a disconnect between my home life in California and my life in DC. I wasn't sure where it came from or why I was feeling that way but there was something dichotomous about my life that I hadn't felt before. I think it just boils down to how homesick I was and how much I needed a visit from my mama. While she was here, rather than do touristy things, we just had a normal week eating, drinking, shopping, going to church, and spending late nights talking. It was the perfect medicine for how I was feeling. I got to share my life here with my mom and feel like I had a bit of home here in DC. Doesn't mom time always just make it better?

In other exciting news-- I got promoted at work this week! It feels really really nice to be recognized for my work and I'm really excited for a new opportunity within the office. I love coming to work everyday and my coworkers are fantastic so growing here makes me really happy!

I love free fonts! Have any suggestions for a good font organizer?

I have been listening to these songs non-stop this week. Don't like country music? I literally have no idea what you listen to during the summer when you're tailgating/tanning by the pool/picnicking/doing anything outside with drinks. Seriously, clue me in.

I can't believe DailyCandy is shutting its online doors on April 4. A very sad day!

SALE ALERT: Gap is 40% off everything in stores from 3/27-3/31 and 30% off online with the code FLASH. Get to shopping friends!

To celebrate my promotion, I might gift myself these sunglasses I've been obsessing about for awhile. Is it worth it?

A behind the scenes look on Queen Bey's world tour with her wardrobe stylist.

I'm thinking I might get a pair of birkenstocks for the summer. I mean MKA were recently spotted wearing them....

Have a great weekend!



  1. I am also in need of a good free font organizer! They are SO hard to keep track of! I'm so sorry you've been homesick. That feeling is the worst, but moms always do know how to make everything better!



  2. lovely round up! I'm a fan of free fonts as well, an as for the sunnies, you could totally find a cheaper dupe somewhere!

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra