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weekly round up 3.14


It has just been one of those weeks where I am SO ready for Friday! Aaron comes back on Sunday (woohoo!) and my mama comes next Wednesday (woohoo!) so I'm even more excited for this week to be over. My high of the week was definitely booking my plane ticket for the Kentucky Derby!  I work on a project at work that is sending a group to the Kentucky Derby and I'm going to be the host for the trip. So pretty much I'm going to the Kentucky Derby for work. Big hats and mint juleps, here I come! I need to start dress shopping ASAP. My low of the week was getting slapped across the face by this brutal wind we had this week. I literally felt like Patti Stanger walking to the bus stop-- my face was frozen!

Have you heard of NextIssue? A coworker recommended it and I can't wait to try it out! I'm such a magazine junkie that it is perfect for me!

One of my dear friends from high school that I reconnected recently is contributing for LaurenConrad.com! I'm so proud of her! Check out her healthy trail mix recipes!

I've been loving Meahan's Blogger 101 series. A must read for anyone blogging!

Ah, a killer statement necklace. I'm dead. Literally. 

I'm pretty into this jacket from Old Navy and its super affordable and 15% off today with the code ONSAVENOW. I think I just convinced myself I need to buy it.

I found Ali's round up of Revlon Just Bitten colors this week and it was SO helpful. I've heard really good things but wasn't sure which color would work for me. I'm going to try to pick up honey and cherish this weekend to try out.

Drunk in Love through emojiis- Someone had way too much time on their hands but I'm glad they did!

My mom sent me this buzzfeed article of Real Housewives gifs. My stomach hurt from laughing!

Hope you have a good weekend!

XO Nicole


  1. The Kentucky Derby sounds so fun! I would love to go, probably for the hats alone. I really want to get a big/floppy hat this summer for the beach, but I feel like it's unusual in my area. They're so pretty, though.

  2. It's my DREAM to go to the Kentucky Derby!! My parents live in Lexington, and I love the horse community! Take plenty of pictures!


  3. Thanks for the link! Glad the reviews were helpful...hope you enjoy any colors you get!