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stripes + mint

Happy Monday! Hope you had a nice weekend!

My weekend was full of Mom time (woop!), eating, drinking (lots of sangria!) shopping and basketball. Lots and lots of basketball. I'm not a basketball fanatic by any means nor did my alma mater have a big basketball program so March Madness shouldn't really be my thing. But I was on the starting five of my middle school basketball team back in the day so I'm pretty much an expert on basketball and bracketology. (I hope my saracasm is translating....) The truth is that that I'm actually crazy competitive about things that don't really matter. So every year I get fired up and am convinced I can beat Aaron in a bracket and every year I lose vowing never to play again. Something we all know is a bold faced lie :)

And in case you're wondering... I'm already losing in this year.

Jacket- J. Crew Factory
Tee- J.Crew
Pants- Loft, old (similar)
Shoes- Target
Bag- Madewell
Belt- Gap (similar)


  1. Love the tote! I knew exactly which one it was when I saw your photos. The leather is so classic. I'd love to get a tote this summer - mostly for beach use - but I'm not sure how practical leather is for a beach bag! lol