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chambray and leopard

Ah, another snow day is upon us. As excited as I was for snow a few months ago, I am O-V-E-R over it now. I am so freaking tired of the snow. And the cold. And the wind. And always being so bundled up I look like Randy. It's just not cute anymore. NOW I get why people on the east coast take so many vacations in February. Spring cannot come fast enough. 

I'm assuming you all watched the Oscars last night? I'm watching this morning so I can fast forward through all the boring awards the commercials. I did however do plenty of red carpet watching last night and am already anticipating how we'll be seeing the red carpet styles translate to every day trends. We're already seeing a lot of powder blue and I'm sure that won't slow down after Lupita Nyong'o dress last night. [Side note: we can all agree she's been the best dressed this award season right?] I think we'll be seeing a lot more people wearing necklaces backwards like J.Law and a lot of navy which I'm pleased about. Thank you Amy,  Sandra and Ellen. Oh and then Ellen crushed it in winter white. Bravo, Ellen! PS- WHERE can I get a sparkly navy blazer? I obviously need one stat.

But the real winner? JARED LETO'S HAIR. I think I should just bring a picture of his ombre next time I get my hair done.

Sweater- Loft (old)
Chambray- Gap
Skirt- Loft (old)
Boots- Frye
Bag- Philip Lim x Target


  1. I have that same skirt from Loft- I love it! Comfortable and works well with so many things! The whole outfit looks great!

    - Rebekah @ bluegiraffesandconcretejungles.blogspot.com

  2. Great outfit! That skirt is amazing!!!

  3. haha yes, Jared Leto's hair. I mean, his hair is ten times prettier than mine.

    I love this outfit! I like how subtle the leopard is on your skirt!