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weekly round up 2.28

TGIF! Any exciting weekend plans? My alma mater, UC Davis, doesn't have a huge basketball program but they are playing on ESPN this weekend so I'm excited to watch with my local alumni chapter. And by watch I mean wear our team colors and drink beer while the game is on in the background. Oh and definitely eat some wings. Duh.

This little girl is such a nugget and so talented! I can only imagine how resourceful her college theme party costumes are going to be. I would definitely want her to make my something for an ABC party.

I am always late. Not a habit I'm proud of but this tee feels appropriate.

Take a look back at what every Best Actress Winner in Oscar history wore to the big event. Can't wait to see what this year ceremony will bring. I'm sure Lupita Nyong'o is going to crush it.

I've been resisting the urge to get new sunglasses and new designer sunglasses at that but I don't know how much longer I can hold out for these cuties.

Adam is one of my favorite characters from Girls, too. Interesting read about his success in Hollywood.

Aaron and I visited Philadelphia for the first a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. We agree- its underrated!

One of my DC friends has started blogging! Lauren is super down to earth, genuine and relateable and is also kick ass trainer at that. If you're in the DMV area get yourself to her Zumba class on Wednesdays because she will seriously kick your butt in gear. And you'll have SO much fun doing it- really! We're working on a little project together and I'm excited to share with you all in a few weeks! Stay tuned :)


PS-Linking up with Lauren and Lauren today!


  1. I am always late too!! Even when I plan early to be on time-something always happens. And I love that story about that little girl! I was so amazed yesterday. She's talented, and only 4?!?!

  2. I'm the opposite...I'm always early! Not something I'm proud of either!