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weekly round up 2.21

Hi Friends! So happy it's Friday! Even though it's been a short week, it has felt SO long. Yesterday was just not my day. You know those days where you just can't catch a break? That was yesterday for me. So I figured I'd go to the gym for a nice run to decompress. So I start blasting my new favorite song, tried not to dance too much, and not even two minutes into my run, my jacket that was tied around my waist fell off. NBD, right? Wrong. It got caught in the belt, forced the treadmill to come to a screeching halt and I just BARELY didn't eat shit. Literally, the only reason I didn't land straight on my face was because I got tangled in my earbud cords and caught myself on the arms of the treadmill. Super graceful of me, I know. It took three different people to help get my jacket out, which ripped none the less, and two other people asked me if I was okay. One of them even said "I heard you fall". Lord only knows what that means. Oh and on my way out, I had to tell the front desk attendant that I broke the treadmill. So yea go ahead and tell everybody, I'm the man. Yes I am, yes I am, yes I am. Moooooooving on...

How adorable is this little etsy shop? So dainty and delicate!

One of my favorite Bachelor recaps this season thus far. Someone please help me find a turquoise kimono! And if you're wondering, I'm still in 2nd place in my Bachelor Bracket. I picked Andi to win so fingers crossed! Although I think shes too normal/nice/SMART for Juan Pablo so we'll see.

My student assistant has some seriously adorable personal style and finds the best budget deals. She's been carrying this purse and I think I have to get one for myself! I wish the green wasn't sold out!

I ordered these flats this week and I'm really excited to wear them this spring! Spring just needs to hurry up a bit....

Oh you know since I'm such a big runner now (ha) I need to start doing all this reading. I won't lie to you though, I've already downloaded the first one on my ipad. Oh and I never finished (or even started for that matter) the book that Aaron and I decided to read together in February. Looks like someone's got a lot of reading to do this weekend.

A Delta Delta Delta sister won gold this week at the Olympics! Pretty exciting! I'm not as engaged with my sorority as I could/should be but it really made me smile this week to learn Merly Davis was a ΔΔΔ sister.

Trends that make me go hmmm..... the leather baseball cap. I just can't hop on board with that one.

Hope you have a great weekend! I'm off to the Kings of Leon concert tonight which should be fun albeit a bit random :)

Catch ya Monday!

xo Nicole

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  1. Ok, your treadmill story CRACKED ME UP!! And I love (but sad also because it ripped) that your jacket got stuck and it took 3 people to help you get it out. AND that it sounded like you fell even though you didn't. I love that song too!! I make Aaron stop talking when it comes on so I can sing along :)

  2. I was A Tri Delt! Didn't know a fellow sister was an Olympian...thanks for sharing!


  3. Fun one, loved it,keep running