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how to beat dry winter skin

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Well thanks to this little a-hole, we've got six more weeks of winter which means six more weeks of dry, itchy, just plain awful winter skin. This winter has been by far the worst winter since moving to DC and my skin is crying every day. Luckily, my skin can be salvaged- for the most part- with a few easy changes to my daily routine and of course, some local drugstore products. I love a hot shower but I could see a difference overnight after dropping the temps down a bit. I promise, its worth it. I've also been alternating between St. Ives Intensive Healing and St. Ives Indulgent Lotion which I picked up at my local CVS for less than $5 each. It has been hugely helpful to apply lotion while my skin is still a bit wet similar to how a sponge better absorbs soap when its damp. If you're feeling pasty and need a bit of color, GRADUALLY work in a tanning lotion to your routine. I usually mix mine into my moisturizer to give myself a light and more natural glow.

Most importantly, don't slack off on your suncreen routine in the winter. It is just as important now as it is during the summer! Those rays will getcha!



  1. This seriously has to be the worst winter I have experienced yet. This is my second year living in Pittsburgh and it has been seriously the worst. My hands are so dry and disgusting! I need to find a really good lotion!


  2. never thought about using sunscreen during the winter!! I need to do that! good tips!
    Helene In Between