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florals and leopard

I'm not much of a pattern mixer because truthfully, I don't really know how to do it without looking like 6 year old Nicole dressed herself. But I want to be a pattern mixer so bad you guys! SO BAD. So I did what any modern day woman with a glass of wine, a comfy couch and an episode of the Bachelor on in the background would do- I created a pinsipration board. I'm not 100% at official pattern mixing status yet but am using my favorite neutral - leopard- to get my feet wet. It's a seemingly easy way to compliment another pattern.

I have also found that another way to ease into pattern mixing is through stripes. If you follow me on instagram you know that I have plenty of options for stripes. Between florals and stripes, I think I'll be graduating from Intro to Pattern Mixing soon. I think I'm on my way to becoming a pattern mixer!

Speaking of things I want to be SO BAD, I've really wanted to get into running but just for the life of me cannot get into it! So instead of creating another pinspiration board, Aaron and I signed up for a 10k! Its in June so I have plenty of time to become a runner (or not). We'll see how well this works out......

Top- Gap
Jeans-Gap (this season)
Blazer- Banana Republic
Bag- Madewell
Shoes- Target (similar)
Beret- Nordstrom, old (similar)
Necklace- J. Crew Factory

Linking up with Shanna and Lindsey today!


  1. Looks great! I love to pattern mix. I feel like as long as you feel confident, you can pull it off. That top is so cute!


  2. Your top and pumps are both so pretty! Love this combo on you. =)


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  3. I love your blog! You have such great style. Bloglovin recommended that I follow you, and I'm glad they did.

    Your newest follower,


  4. I love the top! the floral pattern is so pretty.
    Have a happy Thursday,
    alyssa b
    alyssabarnettbeauty.com (we're having a giveaway- stop by!)

  5. Super cute purse.


  6. I'm not a pattern mixing expert by any means, but I find it easy to mix patterns in the same color schemes...like blue/white stripes with similar blue floral or other pattern...