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snow day shopping

After a super fun and jam packed three day weekend, I was very pleasantly surprised to wake up to a SNOW DAY today! Our weekend in Philly was so so much fun and today is feeling like a bonus day to catch up on laundry, cleaning, closet purging before my move, meal prep etc. But instead, I'm doing some online perusing and just dreaming of warmer weather. I can't get too excited- we still have at least another month of winter- so for now I'll just have to park it on the couch, catch up on Bravo and day dream about sunshine, outdoor brunches, sun dresses and panama hats while it snow storms outside. 

PS- Anyone watching 100 Days of Summer? I usually watch Bravo without discrimination but I don't think even I can get into this one!


  1. I neeeed that pink maxi! I wish the weather would get warm out!

  2. I caught the first two episodes of 100 Days of Summer yesterday during the snow day. I give it a "meh." My favorite part is watching Tara talk about wanting to "pump out babies" and trying to get her commitment-phobic boyfriend to move in with her.