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4 favorite drugstore beauty brands

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Ladies, let's talk drugstore beauty brands. I mean we're all down to save a few bucks on products where we can right? Back in SF, I did the majority of my beauty product shopping at Ulta and Sephora. I slightly preferred Ulta because of its mix of high and low end products because I especially love a good drugstore product find. But to get to an Ulta or Sephora in DC, I have to cab/metro/car2go and ain't nobody got time for that ESPECIALLY when there is a CVS on practically every corner. Add in the CVS ExtraCare program (ExtraCare bucks anyone??) and amaze return policy (you can return almost anything) to the convenience and you've got yourself one CVS addict right here. So trust me when I say, I've done my research here folks.

Aveeno- I really love Aveeno skin care and can't get enough of it during the winter when my skin is so darn dry! This lotion is seriously the best and this tinted moisturizer provides great light coverage. I'm lucky that my skin isn't overly sensitive but it is sensitive enough that I have to be picky about products. Aveeno is super gentle and doesn't make me break out and extra oily. I just ordered this night cream and can't wait to share with you what I think.

Revlon- Revlon is definitely my go-to brand for drug store lipsticks. Revlon boasts a wide spectrum of colors that are long lasting and moisturizing (which can be one of the biggest frustrations of cheap lipstick). Their Just Bitten line is great if you're just starting to dabble in lipstick. It is still new to me, but people swear by the ColorStay clear polish and compare it to a gel polish top coat. I've also written before about Revlon making a dupe for one of my favorite MAC colors.

Maybelline- I use a Maybelline BB Cream daily and just discovered their gel eye liner which is AH-MAZING. It comes with a brush, is super easy to use and stays all day. I am in LURVE. I also love their Dream Bouncy Blush (a little funky to put on but you'll get used to it) and the 24 hour color tattoo in barely branded, a dupe for Benefit cream shadow.

Garnier Fructis- A super solid hair care line and super reasonably priced. I prefer their hairspray to pretty much any other drugstore line, including L'Oreal Elnett which everyone swears by. Its light but seriously keeps your hair on lockdown and doesn't look crunchy and gross. I also use their Moroccan oil to give my awful split ends some tender love and care. *side note: we all know the real solution there would be lay off the curling iron but we also both know that aint gon happen.* During the summer when I like to ease up on the hair products, and because the humidity makes any time spent doing your hair absolutely pointless within seconds of walking outside, I like to use their Wonder Waves spray to create some bouncy beach waves. I just twist my hair in two buns, spray spray spay, and take the buns down after about 15 minutes. Easy peasy beach waves. The spray can be a bit harder to find, I can sometimes find it at Target, so be sure to snatch it up if you find it. It's totally worth it!

What are your go-to CVS/Ulta/Target brands??


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  1. I needed this. I have no idea when it comes to make up and I am really trying to venture into that field. I have this idea it costs tons of money. Glad to know there are good things around the corner. PS I love love Garnier Fructis

    xo. Kailagh.