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weekly round up

My lady friends and I celebrated the holidays with our annual $5 favorite things exchange (more details to come!) last night. It was super fun but man, did I need coffee this morning. Oh and breakfast sammy from Starbucks. Yep, one of those mornings. One of my favorite gifts was a woozie!

It has been an excellent week for us Queen Bey fans. A new album?! Woooop! My old officemate (who spent a lot of time listening to my Beyonce pandora station) shared this with me this week and I'm totally obsessed. My new favorite tumbler for suresies.

My obsession with sequins continues (le duh) and when my roommate was trying to find the perfect hard case clutch for her holiday work party, I sent her this one from Factory. It arrived this week and it is awesome in real life. I had to have it. And so did my other roommate so we both ordered one. So now all three of us have the same clutch... And might all be going to the same holiday party.

Have you seen this Buzzfeed video of a little girl signing to her deaf parents during her holiday concert? It is so sweet and hilarious all at the same time. This girl is an adorable riot!

After seeing this post from Stephanie Sterjovski, I'm pretty into these faux leather leggings from Topshop at Nordstrom. I'm trying to wait my two weeks before purchasing but I don't know if I can hold out. I want to wear them when I'm home in SF during the holidays!

I loved this advice from The Evergirl on how to dazzle at a meeting. If you're a young professional or early in your career, check it out. It's good advice!

I have to give a shout out to J.Crew Factory and Birchbox customer service this week. Such pleasant experiences! I had to return a a gift I'm giving from Factory because it was defective and she overnighted me a new one to ensure it will get here on time. Birchbox always has great customer service but during the holidays, its extra refreshing. I know customer service agents are inundated around the holidays so I'm extra appreciative for their good spirits. Thanks Nicole and Yvonne!

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