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weekly round up

Friday! Finally!

I can't believe this week has come and gone already! It has been a really productive week professionally and I crossed off a LOT of those to-dos that seemed to be lingering week to week. But I've  been putting off  some personal to-do's for no other reason than I was scared which is a  pretty silly (and terrible reason) to let things slide especially when one of those to-do's is going back to school. I work in higher ed and one of the incredible benefits is access to classes and it is absolutely ridiculous not to take advantage of that. But I haven't been in school for a few years and the thought of taking grad level classes is a bit daunting so I've been putting it off. Until this week. I signed up for classes and am meeting with an academic advisor to map out my application to grad programs! Ah! And while it still feels a bit impossible, I know I'm getting there :)

This book has been on my to-read list for awhile now. Aaron read it a few summers ago and was really moved. Now its my turn. 

I've been debating about getting these heels from Zara but when I went to buy them they were sold out in my size! Bummer, right? Luckily DC has two stores that I hope has them in stock!

Multiple people sent this article to me this week which is a little embarrassing. But I can't say that they're wrong..

I love champagne and I love Anthropologie so its no surprise I love these glasses too.

I'm pretty obsessed with this skirt which should come as no surprise to you after Wednesday's post. Today is the last day for the ASOS 30% off sale. Still debating whether or not I should pull the trigger.

My girlfriends and I had a $5 favorite things holiday party last year and we're continuing the tradition this week. I need to think of what to bring!

Target can do no wrong and their holiday decorations are no exception. Might need to add this to my apartment holiday decorations this weekend.

Hope you have a great weekend! Catch ya Monday!


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