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leopard and cobalt

corso como craven, banana republic blazer, leopard and cobalt,
 A few stories to share....

-This must be the week of making things that office appropriate that probably shouldn't be. First a jumpsuit, now jeggings? I can't even believe I just wrote that. Well I did. I may or not already mentally be on vacation.

-I tried to snatch up these shoes on Gilt and wasn't fast enough so I put myself on the wait list. Fast forward a few weeks, I'm checking my email during some down time during one of my biggest work events and I had an email saying my shoes were available. Not one to miss a deal twice, I bought them as quickly as I could and apparently bought them a bit too quickly. I sent them to my old office in San Francisco! I had to email my old boss, ask her how if she could hold onto them so that my MOM could come by to pick them up. #embarassing#IswearI'manadulteventhoughmymomhastopickupmyshoes

-My roommate got the most adorable bathing suit with a teacup pattern for her family holiday vacation and we all agreed it was so her. My other roommate said a leopard print bathing suit would be so me. I scoffed and she said you brought that on yourself. Then I wore this to work the next day. Guess she was right.

-Apparently, I'm inadvertently ombre-ing my. This girl has gots to get her roots done. Good grief.

- Just two more work days stand between me and a 10 day vacation! California here I come!

blazer- Banana Republic
top- Loft (sold out this season but they always have a smilar option each season)
(loosely defined) pants- uniqlo
shoes- Corso Como Craven Pump (similar, similar)
scarf- Old Navy, old (similar, similar)
bag- Longchamp
Starbucks drink of choice- grande blonde roast soy misto :)