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four favorites: christmas wish list

I seriously can't believe Christmas is a week away! Right around Thanksgiving, my mama sends a mass text to me and my brothers and our significant others to email Santa (never her!) gift ideas and our official wish list. Oh and it always has a half dozen emojis too since she is the emoji queen. It feels a little strange to put together a Christmas wish list because, truthfully  I'm happy to just be home in SF during the holidays and to give others gifts. Does that make me officially an adult? Regardless, I'm linking up with Kristin and Ashlyn today and am excited to share with you my four favorites on my Christmas wish list!

Faux fur collar coat- one of the things I'm really enjoying about style on the east coast is seeing how people style coats and it has made me think about how I can expand my coat wardrobe.  A brightly colored coat or a coat with a fun collar is next on my list so I love how fun this uber affordable option from Target is!

Karen Walker Sunnies- I've been lusting over these for awhile after picking up a look alike pair this summer. I thought I might not love the roundness after awhile but they have totally grown on me

The Big Book of Chic- I'm no interior designer but I love cozy, I love unique and I love looking at pretty pictures so this book is perfect.

Collection Etta sequin pumps- A chunky heel sequin pump? Need I say more?


  1. Love your list! Hopefully you get some of these this year! I especially love the sequin pumps!


  2. Love your favorites..especially those pumps!! Thank you for linking up :) x

  3. Those shoes though... incredible.

    xo. Kailagh