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currently coveting: sequins

Maybe its the holidays or NYE planning but something has me obsessing with all things sequins. I have to tread lightly though because while as much as I love the style, I have a hard time arguing sequins pants/blazers/dresses are a savvy purchase for my life. A sequins accent is perfect for a holiday or NYE party but outside of that, I'm stuck. Not sure what my boss would think if I strolled into work tomorrow with those velvet leggings from Mango. One can dream though right? :)

1. Asos Dress
2. Target Belt
3. River Island Blazer
4. J. Crew Pumps
5. Mango Velvet Leggings


  1. Those J.Crew pumps are everything!! I love them!!

  2. OH THOSE PUMPS! Ok serious question...I have a sequin top and the sequins on the sleeve would sometimes tangle with the body of the shirt. How does that not happen with pants? My thighs definitely don't have space between them!