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weekly roundup

When I first moved to DC, I lived with 3 super wonderful girls who quickly became my closest friends here. We lived in a absolute dive of an apartment and had THE craziest landlord/property manager but it was in a fun area and a fun time in our lives so we just dealt with it. We all agree we could never live there again and laugh at some of the things we dealt with (a reggae club next door whose bass was so loud it would rock us to sleep or 2 weeks without power in the hallway because our property manager was so unresponsive) but at the risk of sounding overly corny, it was just one of those years in our lives with such fond memories with people we'll never forget. One of us (not me!) is moving to Tanzania for a fantastic work opportunity and is leaving DC next week to spend the holidays at home before moving in Jan 2014. Tonight, the four of us are headed back to our old stomping grounds for one last night of debauchery together. And likely to knock on the door of our old apartment. So today is definitely starting with a smile and ending with champagne :)

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and we're having a Friendsgiving late next week before everyone heads their separate ways for the holiday. Hosting or cooking this year? Check out this step by step guide or this expert timeline to get your started.

Aaron and I attended a sneak preview of Vince Vaughn's new movie Delivery Man this week thanks to Birchbox. It was both funny and sweet and was the perfect date night movie. Birchbox caught up with Vince Vaughn during his press tour and he had these life lessons to share. I have a major crush on him.

I love this DIY tutorial from Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere.

Now that its finally cold enough to wear hats and caps, I'm finding myself more and more drawn to beanies and borderline masculine ones at that. No surprises here, ASOS of course carries everything I'm looking for like these black, gray, and striped options. I'm also just obsessed with this turban which will likely make my head look huge but I have to have it anyways.

Um, these sound delicious.

I love all things gold, monogram and mugs. So these mugs are basically my everything. Continuing down the rabbit hole that is anthropologie (to me), how cute is this little stamper and these gold glitter shoes? Sure, I have little need for either but I just love them so.

Speaking of sparkly things I love but don't need.... these track pants? *le swoon*

Have a good weekend! Thanks so so much for stopping by. It really makes me smile :)


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  1. I want to make those smoking loafers too! SO CUTE! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Nostalgia is such a wonderful thing. I only get to see my old college pals every few years, but everytime we get together we're full of laughs and drinks. Have fun!