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weekly round up

TGIMFF, amigas. It has been a really long week for me personally so I'm looking forward to a weekend full of nothing. It's been awhile since I've had one of those and it couldn't come at a better time. 

I've been feeling very inspired by women this week. Well more so than usual :)

The Associate Vice President of my division is retiring and we celebrated her career this week at the office. She is considered an expert in the field and is the only woman at senior leadership level in our division. She is petite in stature but commands the attention and respect of the room. Basically, shes a totally BA. And she's also a woman so completely dedicated to family--  a balance I understand to be a challenge for many women. Can you have both? Can you reach incredible and notable achievement in your career and also be a grandmother that doesn't miss the birth of a grandchild overseas? Well the answer is yes. My brief(ish) point here is that those things are not mutually exclusive, as demonstrated by my AVP, and I'm forever grateful for her model. 

A sorority sister has worked her butt off and made an incredible jewelry line. She really pours her heart and soul into her work and I'm really just so in awe.

I was really touched by this video this week. Can you believe this woman's spirit and courage? Absolutely extraordinary and inspirational. 

Helene nailed it this week with this post. And the comments are just as spot on.

I watched a TedX this week about coming out of the closet. And sure my closet is different than hers but that's the point. Hard is hard. And that stuck with me. And was helpful perspective.

Because I'm a lady and a friend and don't want/need to see your lady parts, please be sure to follow this infographic.

And last but not least and because I'm not afraid to say it, I miss my mama aka THE most inspirational woman in my life. See you in a few weeks Mama TBA! I'm comin' for ya :)


  1. <3 ps. Totally not wearing pants today, oops!

  2. Good role models and a commitment to family, friends, betterment, and different perspectives -- it's no wonder why you're such an inspiring woman yourself. /Tal

  3. thank you thank you for the shout out. it really means so much!