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currently loving: old navy outerwear

Happy Monday!

I went to brunch this weekend with a coworker whom I've always really enjoyed and always thought we had the potential to cross the line. And by cross the line, I mean become actual real friends with not just work friends. You know what I'm talking about. You have to keep it a bit professional and polite with work friends but can keep it real with actual friends, right? Work friends tell you they woke up feeling a little under the weather; outside of work friends tell you they had 3 too many drinks at happy hour the night before. Work friends tell  you go for the promotion; outside of work tell you you're not qualified. Work friends tell you no one noticed you were a little buzzed at a work event; outside of work tell you to get your ish together. Well thanks to the hangover of the century, I had zero filter and was brutally honest (particularly about how crazy I've been lately) and now our friendship has blossomed. Exciting? I think so. #nerdalertnicole

ANYwho, she was has a totally cute personal style that I've always loved and she was wearing this Old Navy vest so I obviously went home after brunch to see if I could find it online. And not only did I find the vest, I also found a 30% off sale. While I tend to shop more often at Gap and Banana Republic, I'm really loving what Old Navy is carrying right now, particularly the outerwear selection. I think I've been converted to an Old Navy lover.

And with a 30% off sale (35% if you're a card holder), why stop at outerwear? I'm loving sweater dresses like this polka dot one or this color block one for the office in the fall. This zip front cardi can be dressed up or dressed down. And during a sale like this, you should stock up on winter essentials like tights and beanies.

And because I'm a huge advocate of leopard print, I also have to share this jacket with you.

FYI- Gap and BR are having 40% of sales but all three sales end today. So hurry up and get to shopping :)

PS- This is definitely not a sponsored post. I just want to pass on a good deal to ya!


  1. Wow, these all look great! I especially love the vests and will have to go check those out. =) Thank you for sharing!


    I hope you have a great weekend!


  2. I have to say those tweed vests are amazing! So cute and affordable!


  3. I do love those vests!! I may have to pick one up for myself.