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weekly roundup


Happy Friday, Friends!

DC has had a bit of a ghost town air to it this week because of the government shutdown. I work in higher ed and Aaron is considered an essential government employee (thank goodness!) so we've been watching this all from the sidelines. We did however have plans to go camping this weekend but because of the shutdown, the state park we planned to stay at is closed. Oh darn....

Olivia Pope and all her glorious style is back (thank goodness)! And boy is Scandal bringing the dramz. Had I participated in this drinking game, it would have been a brutal morning for me this morning. 

Speaking of glorious style, Revenge is back and so is the Possesnitista's recaps of outfits from each episode. I seriously can't get enough of Emily's style. And this first episode did not disappoint. 

(Have I told you how much I love bad TV?)

A and I decided to stay in our apartment a bit longer since we couldn't find a place we loved more to move into. I'm getting an itch to decorate and am so pleased to come across this everygirl article with tips to save on decorating. A HomeGoods just opened in Georgetown so I know I'll be checking that out too.

I love all things pumpkin so I love discovering new recipes for the fall. Pumpkin Hot Chocolate with almond milk? I'm sold. 

Am I late to the game on this JCrew dupe from Kohls? It's 15% off this weekend with the code LEAVES. Woop!

I'm feeling inspired by Emily's tutorial for fall florals and how to put together a professional looking bouquet. I'm thinking I'll make an attempt this weekend. Wish me luck!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Thanks so much for reading! It really does mean a lot!



  1. Happy Friday! I'm glad neither of you were affected directly by the shutdown. I can't wait to watch Scandal tonight when I get home!!

  2. I just found your blog through The Lauren Elizabeth's blog, and it is adorable! I love link round-ups, and that pumpkin hot chocolate looks SO. GOOD.