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into to makeup brushes

all brush images from sephora

The brush isle at Sephora can be pretty intimidating. You know which one I'm talking about the- the wall full of jars with glass beads and what feels like millions of different types of brushes sticking out. Or when you're at the MAC counter and the MAC Artist has his or her hip pack with dozens of brushes sticking out telling you about all the products you need to/should try. And all you're thinking is, I literally came in for ONE thing, how do I have all this stuff in my basket (again). <---Maybe that's just me. 

But it is important to know that the right brushes can give your makeup more bang for its buck. Good makeup brushes really do your products justice as long as you know which brushes work best for what! Brushes don't necessarily need to be expensive- they just need to be the right brushes for the right product. When I first started using mineral powders, I used the same brushes I was using to apply pressed powder and I was underwhelmed by how "life changing" everyone told me mineral powders were. UNTIL, I borrowed stole my mom's kabuki brush which made all the difference in application. Using the appropriate brush for each product will absolutely make a difference. 

My brushes are a hodge podge mix of brands. My favorite higher price point brushes are from MAC, Sephora Pro, and BareMinerals. My favorite save options are from Sonia Kashuk and Avon Mark

OH and don't forget to take good care of your brushes by WASHING them regularly. 


  1. I swear by the Beauty Blender - it rocks my world! New to your blog - loving it! Hope you'll visit our blog as well! XO

    B &M

  2. This is great! Thanks for sharing!


  3. This is such a great tutorial! I think I need to add a few extra makeup brushes to my collection!

  4. Great post! Great tips!