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weekly round up

It has been a doozy of a week friends. My biggest event for work starts next Thursday (it's the kickoff event for a weekend of events) and of course this is the week I get sick. Woof.  I rarely get sick but when I do, it kicks my butt and makes me majorly  home sick. This picture is the view from 2 blocks from my home in SF and it makes my heart totally swoon.

As my infatuation with animal graphic sweaters continues, I've added this sweater from BR and this sweater from ModCloth to my think about it for 2 weeks before you buy list.

While I was home sick, I watched a LOT of Bravo and luckily, a Real Housewives of Atlanta marathon was on. I really only love that show for Nene.... and her gifs. And her gifs really spoke me to this week as I tried to throw back Sudafed during the day and NyQuil at night. I was pretty loopy this week.

Being at home, I naturally spent a LOT of time on Buzzfeed. About died when I saw this article. #nailedit. Oh and my heart melted 41 times here

I pretty much have to have this sequin jacket Stesha is rocking and this polka dotted shirt so I can layer like my favorite Victoria. 

I'm sponsoring Fizz and Frosting this month and I literally do not have the words to describe how fantastic Lauren is to work with. She is a DOLL and I never ever ever use that word but there's just no other way to describe her. She is easy and professional to work with, so kind, got to know me and my blog, and her readers are so loyal and make the sponsorship so.worth.it. Looking to sponsor a blog? Sponsor Fizz and Frosting now. DO IT.

Alright, I'm out! Have a good weekend, errrrrbody!


  1. Thank you SO MUCH, Nicole. You're words mean so much to me. I always worry if I'm doing enough for my sponsors, so it's so nice to hear that you had such a great experience! Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  2. Just started following your blog recently and i love it! You have such great style! Also buzzfeed and nyquil are just fantastic.

  3. That modcloth sweater is both hilarious and super cute. So fun!

    Kate from Clear the Way