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for the office -fall staples under $50

Middle Row: H&M/Target/Old Navy/ H&M

We've had some brisk mornings lately, football has taken over my man's life and the Pumpkin Spice Latte has exploded all over social media. Guess that means its officially fall (although this 95 degree heat wave we're experience in DC says otherwise...)

As my 30 day spending hiatus comes to a close, I'm being more thoughtful about which fall trends I want to explore and how I can compliment my current wardrobe with save worthy staples. I like to keep my closet about 70% classic staples and 30% trendy that way I can mix and match my classic pieces with just a little bit of trendy ensuring I get a lot more use of out of most of my clothes. Aren't you proud of me, Mom? I wont lie though, I'm definitely guilty of getting wrapped up in trends as the season transitions that I forget my overall shopping strategy.

Keeping my 70/30 strategy in mind, I've rounded up a mix of office wear staples, with some trendy prints, to share with you if you're looking to add to your fall wardrobe -and all under $50 at that! Totally win-win.


  1. I love all of these items! They would all work so well together to make dozens of outfit combinations. I need more staples like these. :)

  2. These are some great finds, especially those two DP dresses. Conservative neckline but flattering and comfortable, just love them! Thanks for sharing Nicole!

  3. Love these picks! That tan bag is so cute!


  4. I love that you did a 30 day spending hiatus! It really tends to show you whats important and makes you save for things you want! I did it last year and it was a great thing! I love all these things are under $50!! What great fall finds :)