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fall essentials for the weekend

ponte pants save/splurge
dark denim save/splurge
riding boots save/splurge 
smoking flats save/splurge
quilted vest save/splurge 
schoolboy blazer save/splurge
white oxford save/splurge*
chambray save/splurge**
*save or splurge depending on when you buy! BR always has 40% off sales so be sure to wait so you can save rather than splurge on that oxford!
**not necessarily a splurge but a pricer option than the save option

Now that fall is upon us, I'm packing up my sundresses and pulling out the layering pieces aka my fall essentials. I've written before about trying to balance my closet 70/30 meaning 70% of my closet are essentials/staples that I can remix with the 30% of my closet that are my trendier pieces. I think its important to have high quality essentials you can wear multiple ways either with other essentials or with a sequin top you scored at F21.

My fall essentials are all layering pieces. Temps are cooling down but not cool enough to pull out the coats so blazers, boots, and vests are a must. For me, splurge worthy essentials are high quality boots, blazers and button ups. A nice pair of boots, a well fitted blazer or a crisp button up can change the whole look and feel of an outfit. I try to save on pants by catching sales at J. Crew or Gap. Figure out what works best for you. What are your splurge essentials?

Oh and whatever you do, don't forget that leggings are not pants.


  1. Love this list! I wholeheartedly agree. Leggings are not pants. It drives me crazy when I see women wearing them as pants and you cans see every lump, bump, skin, underwear (or lack thereof). I wait for sales on most things but i think items like boots and blazers are worth the splurge because they are classics that will last a long time.

  2. These are beautiful pieces and definitely essential ones. I need to buy brown boots and a military inspired jacket.


  3. Love your picks! Totally have a version of everything... Love your style. ;)



  4. These are wonderful pieces. Love the leopard flats.

  5. Very pretty dress. I would love to play dress up like that!!!!