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weekly roundup 8/12-16

TGIF, for reals. Coming back to the office after travel was a haze and I was in a fog with homesicknesss so I'm more happy than usual its Friday. High five, Friday!

1. This Bar Mitzfah entrance. Wow. I went to a lot of Bar Mitzfahs growing up but nothing like this!
2. Wearing your heart on your sleeve, literally! Too cute.
3. I need new glasses and am going to try Warby Parker. Anyone found a perfect pair from WP?
4. If Disney Princesses had instagram....an afternoon giggle on Thursday
5. Just loving these pictures and colors.
6. I needed a reminder of when make up expired and come across this posting on Pinterest. Looks like I've got some makeup to toss and replace this weekend. A trip to Ulta and Sephora might be in my near future..

Hope everyone has a great weekend! See ya Monday!


PS- Linking up with Lauren today!


  1. I read 'If Disney Princesses had Instagram too' - too funny! Have a great weekend!

  2. Love that sweater with the heart on the sleeve! Need this! Thanks for sharing!