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thats a wrap folks

 Welp friends, you're looking at my last purchase.....for the next 30 days. I kinda definitely overdid it when I was at home and when I was unpacking, it hit me. My shopping has been out.of.con.trol. Factory 40% off sale? Don't mind if I do. Kate Spade 48 hour flash sale? I definitely need a new purse. Everything 50% off at Loft? Well I am getting a good deal so its okay right? NO, Nicole. It's not! When I was hanging up my clothes I found FAR too many things with the tags still on it. And its not a blogging thing or a keeping up with the Jones' thing. Its a I really just like getting a good deal thing. And I need to pump the brakes. I don't need a new cardigan or a new purse or new anything really. So I've made a promise to myself, no shopping for 30 days. Good thing I snagged this incredibly comfortably jumper from Anthro before my moratorium. :)

Linking up with Shanna today!
jacket- abercrombie, old (clearly)
romper- anthropologie (on sale!)
sunnies- anthropologie
bag- madewell
shoes- seychelle


  1. ohhh, LOVE that jumper! and i know exactly what you mean... good for you for putting a stop to it! i was on the j.crew site this morning and almost pulled the trigger on sale swimwear... because it was on sale. NOT because i loved it. the deal is so hard to resist!

  2. Cute outfit! Good for you for quitting for 30 days. I am so over shopping right now myself! I spend money on things and that I don't even really need and it's starting to feel excessive! Glad you got some great shopping deals in before hand.

  3. That romper is fantastic! Love the print and colors. I am SO with you on needing to get it under control. Shopping is just so much fun. As my BF likes to say, "You're not saving $40, you're spending $100" (or, ya know, whatever amount it happens to be when I excitedly tell him how much I saved).

    Style of One's Own

  4. Love that romper! Good luck with your challenge!


  5. My gosh I am the same way! Every time I see a J. Crew 40% off email I panic because I feel like the items will be gone before I know it. The challenge is a great Idea and and great way to try out new combinations of pieces that you might not have otherwise thought of!