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how to: milkmaid braids

One question I get a lot is: "do you seriously only wash your hair every three days?" Sure do, friends. Thanks to a LOT of dry shampoo and milkmaid braids. A usual follow up question is "how do you get your hair like that?" Welp, secrets out. It's way easy!

What you'll need:
>>Dry shampoo (don't skimp out here! I've been hooked on this Dove dry shampoo as of late)
>>Clear hair bands (I got mine from Sephora)
>>Bobby pins (I use these blonde/gold ones)

1. Load on the dry shampoo. My hair is super fine so dry shampoo not only helps with the oil but adds volume and texture to my unwashed hair
2. Brush it out to evenly distribute the dry shampoo
3. Put hair in pigtails and make sure hair is even on both sides
4. Braid!
5. Since my hair is so fine, my braids are really thin. I pull the braids a bit to make them appear fuller
6. Starting with the smaller or less perfect braid, wrap over head and secure with a bobby pin near elastic. Repeat on other side. Tuck ends underneath opposite braids and add as many bobby pins as it takes to feel secure
7. Test to make sure braids are secure and pile on the hair spray. I like to also pull out a few strands in the front to make it look a little more relaxed

And there you have it! A super quick and easy way to disguise day (or two!) old hair!


  1. So cute on you!! Love it. When my hair gets a little bit longer I'll be trying that out.

  2. Cute! I am almost at the length where I can do that! :)



  3. So cute! I'll have to try this tomorrow!