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fall means football

I had a post planned for today about fall transition essentials but that will have to wait due to yesterday's unforeseen circumstances. Let me fill you in. Yesterday, Aaron and I were enjoying our Sunday tradition of bagel sandwiches from Bethesda Bagels, catching up on Dexter and perusing pinterest (me) twitter (him) when he said it. Dropped the bomb I've been hoping not to hear for another few weeks. The bomb that has been looming. The first-mention-of-football bomb. He said "WOW, Dolphins Tight End Dustin Keller tore his ACL, MCL, PCL AND dislocated his knee." And there, just like that, football -his jealous mistress- b*tch slapped me right across the face. As if that wasn't enough, in a one two punch, he followed up with "shoot, I need to figure out when my fantasy football drafts are." Yes, more than one. Welp friends that makes it official, football season is upon us and here to stay until January. This will be my third season together and I've picked up some tips along the way to share with you.

I should preface this list with the fact that I actually enjoy football. I'm no fanatic (more of a baseball girl myself) but it is a fun sport to watch. If you can just get on board and learn to like the game you'll be fine. The real whore is Fantasy Football. That time sucking little biotch.

1. Just accept the fact your man loves football. And it's on every Thursday, Sunday and Monday. There is nothing you can do to change that.

2.  Learn the basic rules of the game if you don't already know them. It's not cute to ask what is a touchbackdown? It's not a real thing and its just annoying.

3. Find a hobby. Because Sundays are now for football and you cant change that. My hobby of choice? Boozy Brunch with the ladies.

4. Do NOT wear those pink jerseys. You can find something cute enough in team colors. I promise you.

5. Do all the things your man complains about having to do with you with all your new found free time

6. Hope and pray that your man isn't also a college football fan. Because those games are on Saturdays and that really means your weekend is gonezo.

And my man....also a college football fan. This is me laughing because cheya right I'm spending my whole weekend watching football with you.

Over and out friends. Enjoy your week!