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Whats inside my purse...

I've professed my love this bag before and I'll say it again: it was the best birthday present I've ever bought myself. It is also coincidentally the only birthday present I've ever bought myself. It carries everything I could imagine including my apparently growing collection of lip gloss. Thought I'd give you a little peak into the bag since you've seen so much of the outside of it. Yes, thats a wine key. And yes that is intentional. As if you've never bought a bottle of wine but didn't have a wine key. Shoulda been carrying one in your purse like me :)
This humidity has been making me breakout like crazy! I've never really had that problem but sometimes need to dab on a little touch of concealer during the day. I also recently started wearing Revlon BB cream which may be contributing the breakouts. Anyone else have that problem? On the far right is Stainiac which is the best stain. Perfect for a touch up in the afternoon and plays double duty with being a cheek and lip stain. Although by the looks of it, I have the lip color thing covered. Birchbox samples are perfect for carrying around in my purse for touchups, like this small BADgal mascara. [Side story about this wristlet: my boss gave it to me as a holiday gift last year which was only about a month after I started. He said "I figured you might like something gold and sparkly." I guess I'm a pretty open book and easy to read!]

I love love love my new Party Proof lipstick from my July Birchbox. Seriously a gorgeous color that matches it all. Secret Agent is another Birchbox sample living in my purse. And of course, I always have to have my Rosebud Salve.

Truth be told, there are usually a few CVS coupons, a pair of heels to change into at work, extra sunnies (or 2), and a cardigan all bundled in my purse too. I really mean it when I say, CARRYALL.

What does the inside of your purse look like? Do you keep it organized? Do you throw everything in?

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  1. Love getting a glimpse into people's "inner" lives like this, haha. I recently tried to cut down on all the random crap I store in my purse by switching to a smaller bag. And then today, I was searching for something and hauled out 4 lipsticks, a lipgloss, a statement necklace, a wrap bracelet, an umbrella, and a pair of socks before I found what I was looking for... haha, maybe it's just not meant to be ;)

  2. Thanks for sharing what it is in your bag! My bag is stuffed full of junk! I throw almost everything in it!



  3. Wow, how do you keep so little in such a big bag? By the end of the week my bag is so full that my shoulder hurts!